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Re: Boomerang III quick review

Yes, thanks for explaining it better than I could Mark. I did know that 
you can press stack while recording but that involves the tap dancing 
while your trying to lay down,let's say,  a rhythmically accurate loop. I 
did have it set for seemless loop boundaries as well because I would 
always hear this fade in/out otherwise, when playing a bowed string 
instrument. It was unusable for me without that feature. I also wish the 
boomerang could be set to loop like this:
> Rec/Dub --> Recording
>       Rec/Dub --> Overdubbing
>       Rec/Dub --> Playing

I also know that it's possible to loop my instrument without clicks and 
with seemless loop boundaries because I can accomplish it in Mobius. Yes, 
it's software, but iI think t's also software in the boomerang too that is 
running the show. 
On Jun 11, 2011, at 5:33 PM, Mark Hamburg wrote:

> On Jun 11, 2011, at 2:19 PM, Grant wrote:
>>> I agree with you Mark. When I had the Boomerang that's the one thing 
>>> that really bothered me. You can't go straight >into overdub after you 
>>> finish the first loop. You can can tap the stack button before the 
>>> loop end point (If you >created a short loop on loop3 to set the 
>>> tempo) but it is too much tap dancing or at least my music suffered 
>>> when I'm >quickly trying to press stack and play my instrument. Would 
>>> be nice if you could set it up to go straight into stack >mode after 
>>> establishing the loop. I also noticed that if I left it in stack mode 
>>> and switched between loops1-3 I >would get clicks and pops. This was 
>>> even if I wasn't playing anything on my instrument. I solved both of 
>>> these issues >by using Mobius in software land but then I gained all 
>>> the issues of using a computer:) Would be pretty awesome if >these 
>>> things could be worked out on the boomerang. It would be a perfect 
>>> compact looper for my serial style looping.
>> I believe you can press Stack anytime while a loop is recording (with 
>> or without a master loop) and stacking will begin on that loop when you 
>> end recording (Serial style). If you get a click it might be because 
>> you have it set for seamless stacking (for drones) and this overides 
>> the loop boundry smoothing. Just some things to check or try.
> You can indeed press stack while recording. That's where the tap-dance 
> part comes in.
>       Loop N switch to start recording
>       Stack (possibly a hold if you use the default configuration)
>       Loop N switch to finish loop and start stacking
>       Stack to stop stacking
> Contrast this to Line 6, the Looperlative, etc:
>       Rec/Dub --> Recording
>       Rec/Dub --> Overdubbing
>       Rec/Dub --> Playing
> Or to the EDP:
>       Record --> Recording
>       Overdub --> Overdubbing (and note that overdub is the next switch 
> over)
>       Overdub --> Playing
> I'm trying to convince Mike Nelson that you should be able to finish 
> recording with a hold and have the loop length set based on the button 
> down point but it would stack at decay 0 (feedback 100%) until you 
> released the button. If you really want to do the Frippertronic ever 
> evolving loop thing, you would still want to use the stack button 
> behavior, but for a simple "keep the delay tails" loop closure this 
> would work.
> The mockups of the forthcoming sidecar has a dedicated stack button 
> which one could argue should exit recording and go into stacking if one 
> was recording. Then you could use it just like the EDP.
> Returning to what the Boomerang does as opposed to what it doesn't do. 
> I've played some more and I've done some more half-speed work and I'm 
> now quite happy with the sound quality. So, except for it being too hard 
> to go from record into overdub, this is proving to be a great box. (Did 
> I mention how small it is and how solid it feels and how great the 
> switches are?)
> Mark

Todd Matthews
twitter: gtodd876