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Re: Re: Remembering Kim Flint

On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, todd reynolds wrote:
Y'all don't forget about the Kim Flint memorial t-shirt as well;

Yes, I wear mine a lot as well; that dyed beard and mischevious grin are a hit at goth/industrial night when I wear it.

I also second my brother's sentiments. Violet really deserves our love and support. I can't even imagine losing my beloved wife, Chris in such a way. Violet also has really been amazing in her desire to keep Kim's legacy alive with the website. She deserves our emotional support.

Anyone who can, financially, really should donate. This is a an amazing website and an amazing community. It has literally changed my life and Kim is the original reason for it's existence and continued existence.


With that said, I just remember all the times that we laughed. I can still see Kim's laughing face............hear the infectious quality of that laugh. He was exceedingly generous and kind to me a couple of times when I really felt beaten down by my own efforts to promote live looping and we even had some major disagreements about the concept of live looping, but I'd give anything
to hear that laugh again.

Bless you,  Kim!     Bless you Violet!

love, Rick Walker