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List member Todd Reynolds, perf. in NY on Sunday, and on NPR's top 25

Hi folks. 

I rarely toot my own stuff on here (probably a mistake), so I hope you won't mind me sharing this bit of joy. 

First of all, for New Yorkers, I'll be premiering Transamerica, the first cut off my record, at the World Financial Center's Winter Garden for the Bang on a Can Marathon this Sunday in the 12 noon segment... 

and second, the record, Outerborough, just got a nice mention, as part of nprclassical's top 25 of the year so far... 


Thanks for indulging.  I don't have it set up for free streaming yet, but as soon as I do, if there is interest here, I'll post it.  

meanwhile, all the very very best to everyone.  Lovin' all this U2 lovin' n hatin'.  good convos of late.


The most recent newsletter is here.

• Outerborough, Todd Reynolds' solo double CD is now available wherever music is sold. Check it out on the INNOVA Artists Page.