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Semi OT: Unabashed album release spam

Greetings kindly LDers,

Please excuse this intrusion, but I wish to announce the release of my latest project which is SKULT-Hypnofinger.
( I can already hear the sounds of corks popping from champagne bottles all over the world! :-) )

Credits also given to Jacob Hall (Portland,OR) for masterful and painstaking engineering and the "infamous" Earwig (Seattle) for the brilliant and yet insane artwork!

(Note: Earwig also did the front cover art for the first Mr Bungle album ages ago, if anyone remembers that one? Jake has engineered and / co-engineered albums 
for Built To Spill, Wolf Parade, and an OM 7" on Subpop, and other releases)

Downloads only for now. (full album or individual tunes) Hopefully, actual physical products will be available a little later. That is at least part of Thee Grand Plan....

The album has sprinklings of loopage in various parts all through out much of it, although much of the loopage is buried over and / or obscured a bit by other sounds 
and textures etc. But, there is at least one piece where the loopage is quite prevalent and upfront.

The music here can possibly be labeled as 'experimental' or 'electronic' or 'ambient' or 'industrial' or 'soundscapes' or 'sound paintings' or whatever?
Or, it could also just be called  plain ol'  'weird and 'unusual'.  That would certainly fit, as well!   Definitely not what is considered 'normal' music over all,
whatever that is also supposed to mean anymore? Maybe it's not "real" music at all!? (snicker)  I've always considered myself to be a "sound painter" more than 
anything else and have viewed my instruments as my "pallet" and recording tape (yup, still use it fro my primary work) as my "canvas" and previous cassettes,
and later, CDs as "prints" that were made from my "originals". :-)  I've been on the stage before but it was never the "driving force" for what I do. But, I DO get thrilled and 
happily blown away whenever I get to experience some REALLY talented and killer artists up there knocking everyones' socks off!  Give me THAT any day! (or night!)

The sample clips provided by CDB are only about 30 seconds long and do not do much justice for the songs since most of them are quite long (and some are REAL long!) 
and most of them also evolve and have changes etc. One piece is actually a "suite" in 4 parts and each part is quite different from the other 3. 

Also, today at least, it seemed like some of the sound samples on CDB were a little "buggy"?  I had to turn on / turn off / turn on again most them  to get them to play. 
Hopefully that was just a fluke with my browser and / or home connection today?  (Or....?)  CDB confirmed that from their end, the samples played as they should, so I 
guess it had something to do w/ my system and / or connection? I hope that was the only reason why.

Oh well. CD Baby is still a pretty deal anyway for indy and obscure musicians, "non-musicians", and other renegades, IMO.  
Nice folks too at CBD, which is also a big plus. I've been with CDB for almost 10 years now and have had zero complaints whatsoever.

(Even MORE spam!) 
Also, this SKULT project is polar-opposite different from my 2 previous ELEMENTAL releases: "Lux Aeternae" and "Thee Divine Imagination", both of which are 
also available  from CDB and also as physical products as well! There's another 'Elemental' listed on CDB but I am the ORIGINAL ELEMENTAL and have used that name 
for well over 15 years now. Accept no substitutions! :-)