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Re: Sound vs function

What about running the laptop through the aux of my hardware mixer?

I might try that.

On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 10:27 PM, marcus kirby <marcusloops@gmail.com> wrote:
I already have an ableton template setup, so I won't have to bother people too often :)

I had a few methods going, but ran back to hardware because of latency and sound quality:

1) Running guitar + effects +tube buffer -> MOTU ultralite -> monitors. If I went this route I'd have to get better front end, analog equipment. Tube pre-amps, compressor, blah blah. I'd have to do this for mic/drum machine/synth as well. It would essentially be a portable studio. That's a lot of money and weight to be carrying around the streets of Chicago. Although I hve

2) Run guitar through tube buffer and di -> MOTU ultralite -> channel 1 on mackie, repeat for each instrument (vox on motu channel 2, and channel 2 f the mixer). I apply my hardware reverb/filters/delays via auxes on the mackie. 

This hurts my head. I just want to make music...but the technology that I need isn't quite there.

On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 9:55 PM, William Walker <billwalker@baymoon.com> wrote:
As a fellow tone snob I feel your pain,  I'm still stuck in hardware mode and I'm able to do what you want with out involving a computer, but there are few hardware choices available that can do multiple loops and mine,  the LP-1 is currently out of production and the roland rc 50 has been discontinued. When the time comes for me to move to software I will still continue to use a small hardware front end and smaller floor looper  as both a safety net and also because I still prefer analog, even solid state over  modeling for guitar tones. To wit, my Custom Tones  Ethos preamp offers a scant two channels of guitar tone, essentially a clean and a dirty channel with an extra boost on the dirty channel, but it has an excellent speaker emulator output,  so I can get great guitar tones even if I have to run direct. Its like a dumble amp in a box, and I'm fortunate enough to have played a few in my time.  Effects are another matter as i can really see putting a lap top to good use with both pre and post effects. Right now I tend to have my effects pre loop when playing live  and honestly I like the fact that my ethos and M-9 and timefactor and other effects are easy to change on the fly, the frustration I have found with all in one modeling/effects amps is how clumsy they have tended to be when needing to change eq and parameter settings on the fly. To much bass for the room? what are you going to do, tweak every preset you have created each time you move to a new one?  i think the new modeling amp choices are much better than when I was using them , and they have addressed a number of these issues, but they still feel and sound a bit flat to my ears. Plus I'm a bit tired of endless menus, and LCD screens. Time spent editing effects parameters and learning new platforms  is time not making music, and currently I'm more interested in making music with the tools I have, which as of yet have not proved limiting.  So if I was making the leap, I think i'd keep as much analog front end as possible, but keep it simple, and use a combo of Abelton  and Mobius, becaues cool people in the  know said so, and because Jeff Larson has a dog almost as cute as mine ,  and what ever cool plugs I could get my hands on, I would start to integrate...slowly.  I'd start with some Expert Sleepers stuff,  because Os makes cool plugins,   and I'd become an absolute pest to many of you on this list.