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FS: Modified test Oscillator, Feedback synth, MFOS WSG, more...

A few items from the DAEDSound.com Lab for sale. Full info and pictures at:


1. DAED Modified Vintage Test Oscillator - $100
Classic Vega lab test oscillator with five Frequency and fine tune
controls. The range of this classic machine goes from rumbling LFO to
higher than hearing with the two right side controls adding modulation to
the original signal.

- On/Off switch. Trigger button, envelope decay knob, volume knob
- Portable and super cool looking original case and knobs
- Original test lead output connections for mad scientist look

Additional upgrades:
- 1/4" output jack to interface with any pedal, synth, or mixer/amp
- Banana output jack and additional banana ground
- Standard three prong power cable for no frills operation installed.

I've used this with with my Modcan A system and into a few pedals and
amps. It's quite unique and fun as hell. Perfect for those old Silver
Apples cover tunes ;)

2. DAED Feedback Synth  $225 (mention list post for price)
Patchable stompbox sized handheld synthesizer built for live use and
abuse. banana patch points that double as touch contacts. A lot of noise
in a small package!

Full info : http://www.daedsound.com/DaedFBS.htm

3. DAED made Music From Outer Space Weird Sound Generator (WSG) - $200
WSG Built by DAEDSound.com into a cool GI Joe metal lunch box with on/off
volume knob, 1/4" output, and additional sound mods in addition to all the
original MFOS WSG functionality. This one of a kind unit runs off a 9vt
battery and is ready to bleeping rock.

Full info and audio samples of the Weird Sound Generator at: 

4. Coffin Wave (two in stock) - $40
Handheld knob pitch sweeping synth built into a clear plastic toy coffin
with 1/8" output and manual trigger button. Sounds like a theremin but
with assignable pitch. Plays nice with Euro stuff. Hip, cool, and too fun
for words.

Other effects, circuit bent goodies, art, etc:

TERMS:  Everything located in Phila PA USA. Pickup encouraged. I accept
USPS MO, Verified Personal paypal, or verified standard paypal (buyer pays
fees).  Will ship anywhere at cost.

Any questions, email: info (at) DAEDSOUND (dot) com

Thanks for looking!

     NEW DAED SITE!!  -  Http://DaedSound.com
 DAED: Circuit Bent and Unusual Sound Devices
"Making Something Extrodinary from the Ordinary"

      Music and More at the Mothership: