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Re: Gibson Echoplex trouble

If a reset doesn't work, I d suggest you unplug and take the top off. Carefully, raise the two Loop Chips (the big ones), up about 2 or 3 mm and then re-seat them. this may help if the contacts have become oxidized.


On Sun, Jun 19, 2011 at 4:05 PM, Timothy Miller <timothy.luke.miller@gmail.com> wrote:

I recently sold my Gibson Echoplex to a seller, but he seems to be coming across problems with it that I am having a hard time troubleshooting. The problem sounds very similar to when I first purchased it. This is what he has told me.

*There are 4 buttons lit up on the front of it, and pressing them won't do anything. There's also nothing on the LED display.

*To be specific, the Ins/Rev, Mute, Undo, and Next Loop are all lit up with a yellow light... I can control all of my instruments through it....just can't loop anything or press anything to change the buttons..?

*But every time i turn it on....the mute button is either red....and a bunch of green and red "e"s on the display screen. Trying to press all the buttons, and all of them are unresponsive. 

*Every time i turn on/off...a different screen comes up, and different lights/letters are on.

*Alright. I have been messing around with it all day, still no luck....Every time i turn it on and off, different lights come on, and the LED screen is different each time. Frustrating to say the least

If there is anyone who might be able to help or they know someone who can help, please let them know.