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Re: Re: Sound vs function - refuting myself

On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, stanitarium@earthlink.net wrote:
Apparently the guitar player for chris isaac used the pod as well, even on that 
legendary "wicked games" tone.
Uh oh!

Very cool article.

I especially like the part where they said Chris' vocals were done in a tiny room with him listening to speakers instead of headphones.......they said the cymbal sound changes every time Chris started singing because it
was a bit on the vocal track.

This reminds me of the only overdub I put onto my Translucent Dayglo Lime Green Plastic, found sound/live looping CD in 2003. It was the very last thing I recorded before I released the CD.

I had this really great live track I'd done with bunch of pots and pans that I found at a flea market. it just so happened that there was a small open mic the night of the flea market and I was excited about having these cool new 'instruments' so I went into perform............at one point I had played a little melody on something or other and just trying to be funny, I said 'Everybody', the next time the melody loop came around. To my amazement, the whole crowd started singing in unison with the melody. It was really amazing and made the hair stand up on my neck.

Unfortunately, when I got home to listen to the recording, I realized that my mics had been facing me, so I could hardly
hear the audience singing (even though it was pretty loud in the room).

So I decided to ask all the best singers that I knew if they would come down to the local Blue Lagoon, rock bar/gay disco
and do an overdub on the song.

I knew that they needed to hear the track, so I set up a ghetto blaster 10 feet in front of everyone and asked if everyone would be as quiet as possible and I recorded a mono track with the vocal microphones in lace to capture the singers without any singing.

I then went back and had everyone sing as I conducted with the same ghetto blaster as the 'prompter'.

Then I took the original track and reversed it's phase and placed it against the singing track. Wonderfully, it worked really well and the track from the ghetto blaster got cut out of the singing track.

We all finished up and I cracked open a couple of bottles of champagne and the record was finished.
It was a really awesome day.

If anyone's interested,  I'll send 'em an .mp3 of the resultant track.

Rick Walker