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Re: Kannon the Merciful

On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, William Walker wrote:
My dear friend Mando Man, other wise known as Hideki Nakanishi built me an extraordinaire lap steel guitar and today i posted an improvisation on youtube playing this amazing instrument, also of note is that Ryusei Hattori did an amazing relief carving of the goddess Kannon on the headstock. and Leander Reininghaus provided a rockinger made multi bender bridge to achieve individual string pulls like a pedal steel guitar. Though i'm still getting my sea legs with the bridge, what I have found so far is really inspiring.
 Thanks and enjoy

You know, Bill, after having seen this amazing instrument and hearing the truly beautiful and unique music that's been emanating from your garage/studio since you came into possession of it, it occurs to me:

You and I have spent so many years experimenting with different global traditions in our music:

How appropriate is it, that this guitar becomes a unique trans-global experience that could only occur in this
particular epoch:

Two Japanese artisans hand craft an experiment essentially designed by an American with Scottish, Danish and Cherokee roots, facilitated by a German musician and with an Indian Hindu deity, handcarved into the head stock.

I've seen it and it's one of the most wonderful instruments I've ever seen..............truly one of a kind and priceless.........
..................Not unlike you!

You deserve it and it deserves you. Bless Hideki, Ryusei and Leander for contributing to it's beauty and bless you for the artistry that you will (and have already) brought to it.