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Re: Anyone using a sequencer?

i have a good friend who has used an MPC60 mk2 (roger linn version) for years and loves it.  solid as a rock and once you get used to it your workflow can be extremely fast.  i was toying with the notion of buying one but since i'm 50% computer/50% hardware i went with maschine, which is also really fucking cool.  like an mpc on steriods but i'm sure that if you ask dj premier he'd tell you that nothing can touch the mpc. 

anyhow, you can't go wrong either way.  they're so much fun to play with...very cool music-making tools.

- jim

On Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 6:41 PM, marcus kirby <marcusloops@gmail.com> wrote:

I currently have an electribe sampler that I use to send midi clock to my moog mp, which spits out cv/midi to my looper and time-based pedals.

I think I need a sequencer though. I need the ability to send various midi notes to my echoplex, as well as send subdivision info to the moog; dotted 8th on delay, quarter note on trem, etc. It would be cool if I could use different drum sampler to trigger different rhythms for my pedals as well.

The mpc line looks ideal, and it can send quite a bit of midi info out. Since it can also function as a sampler, that would be rad, as would sequencing bass lines for my analog synth.

Any suggestions?