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[ot] Hitch-hiking a big loop through Scandinavia

Hi loopers,

My daughter, age 17, requested to me to hitch-hike with her to
Scandinavia. Originally we wanted to visit my brother in Norway, but he
is not at home that time.
Now we changed plans and will basically visit the capitals. Of course I
will carry my instrument "les Ondes Memorielles" and just wonder, who is
residing in Scandinavia and might be able to host us. Any gigging
opportunity is welcome as well of course, for any who could bear my
experimental style...;-)

We will start already next Wednesday, and head of to Copenhagen...

Any tips are welcome...

loopy greatings from Berlin,


Les Ondes Mémorielles--------x--
-(_|_ ----|\-----|-----()-------
- _|_)----|-----()--------------
---------()----------TJ Shredder