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Re: Loopy 2 critical feedback

>> hitting with 2 fingers for overdub was a bit tricky... and sometimes it 
>> registered as a one finger
> Agreed, hand his proposed solution sounds good to me. Also, there's no 
> real reason all six cycles need to be the same size, at least at first. 
> I tend to be focused on my last, present, and next loop with any 
> previous loops mainly of interest for triggering/switching back to, so 
> perhaps the interface could take advantage of this by giving more 
> real-estate to the last, present, and next loop.

I'll consider it, but I suspect this might add too much complexity to the 
interface. If possible I'd like to solve the gesture issue instead, 
possibly via some kind of arm mode.

>> I didnt like that to multiply I had to hit a second time before the 2 
>> fingered hit for overdub. I would rather have multiple loop overdub as 
>> the default and have a one or two fingered hit to close the multiplying 
>> overdub.
> I agree and add to this that I would like a visual indicator of what 
> mode would hit at the end of the cycle. Without that, I'm distracted, 
> wondering if I hit it right.

Interesting that the multiply functionality has given you the same 
impression as Mark, that it effects an existing track instead of just the 
master clock. It may be an issue of loaded language, as I understand 
multiply on traditional loopers does modify tracks directly.
There may be some better way to present the interface that doesn't give 
this impression, although at the moment I've not a clue!

> I couldn't figure out how to multiply. Again, 5 minutes, only checked 
> out the 1st few pages of the tutorial, but that's so basic that it 
> should be something instinctual. I noticed pressing and holding didn't 
> seem to do anything, so perhaps a single press and hold (number of 
> multiple shows) then release on desired multiple?

Hmm, I'm not sure how to make this more visible without leading to 
interface clutter (leading to the app becoming unusable for less advanced 
users). For simple users, it's less of a critical function, which is why 
it's a tap away.
I expect more advanced users to run quickly through the tutorial, and see 
that you access it by tapping the clock, so I'm not presently expecting 
too much trouble.

> The biggest problem I had was not hearing the beat or previous material 
> while overdubbing. Now, I understand why this is, of course, as I was 
> not using headphones so maybe it does play the content of the loop when 
> headphones are inserted, I don't yet know, but without it would be very 
> helpful to have visual indicator of the beat. Thinking about it now, 
> perhaps there was one in the lower left, a little circle that flashed, 
> but whatever it was it wasn't enough. So if you, for instance, start an 
> empty loop intending just to have the beat, it's real hard to know what 
> you're doing. Or over-dubbing, the audio content in the circle, again, 
> doesn't show the beat as precisely as needed to keep track of it in your 
> mind. Clear loop start  (and even 
> loop-aproaching-start-at-some-sensible-interval indicators would be 
> dandy. Forgive me if I missed existing signals, again, 5 minutes.

The app does include a visual metronome - if you tap the metronome/drum 
button at the bottom right, you toggle between nothing, audible metronome 
(drums, and the drum sequencer when it's implemented), and a full-screen 
metronome flash. Is that sufficient?

Again, thanks for the feedback - do let me know your thoughts if you start 
using it more.

> ----Christopher