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Re: Ambience and the M13

with the m9 i do wish it had more volume control for all the fx patches. Some like filters can be too loud and cause clipping farther on in the chain. Some seem too soft depending on where you place them. Maybe just me..


Agreed,  I found the filter effects tame-able by adjusting the effects mix, which has the effect of having a volume control specific to that effect, softening the sound and yes it does make it more subtle which I prefer.  Another thing of course that can help would be to use a compressor to limit the volume peaks of the filters but it might require putting the compressor after the filter. In this case I wouldn't use extreme compression, just enough to keep the volume jump from being so extreme, I really like the model of  the LA-2 compressor,  in the M series, simple to use and can be used as a boost as well if one wanted to.  pretty transparent sounding to my  ears.  conventional guitar player wisdom is compressors should be placed at the front of the signal chain but there are exceptions  wah pedals and filters want to be the first thing  you hit from your guitar,  and depending on the compressors dynamic range,  it can also make sense to place the compressor after a filter and sometimes after one's main overdrive if that overdrive also has a tendency to spike your volume.