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Re: Please, recommend me a midi/foot controller for Looperlative LP-1

The gordius is likely a fine option, I just don't know enough about it to comment.  However, I'll tell how I would do this.  

First option would be a midi solution event processor: http://www.midisolutions.com/prodevp.htm
You could program this thing to send a midi note on when it receives a certain note off.  Kinda of pricey and complicated to program, but it works.

Second option (my current favourite) is to use a raspberry pi with the Satellite CCRMA disk image loaded.  This comes with pure data installed and you can use a midi-to-usb cable to insert the raspberry pi between your FCB and your LP1 to introduce all sorts of scripting options:  Note off to note on, note sequences, different scripts based on how long you hold a note down...  if you're handy with pure data, it's a fairly cheap option and it works really well.