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Re: strange EDP problem

hi Matt,
Pers right.
I can confirm that the EDP audio will be glitchy when you sen a load of 
I expect that's just because it's a massive amount of midi data.


On 30/06/2014 23:09, Per Boysen wrote:
Your guess is correct: MIDI SySex does not support MIDI channel
number. Sysex data is not good for music, in fact it it was designed
for sending non timing critical data (like patches and global
settings). Sysex events are very long and do not fit in between clock
data in a MIDI stream so therefor it wrecks havoc with the timing.
Maybe you can use separate MIDI out ports to address the Axe and the
EDP directly? Daisy-chaining is bad when Sysex is in the house. Giving
Daisy a separate room will cut MIDI some slack. :-)

On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 11:16 PM, Matt McCabe <lists@finleysound.com> 
I’m having a strange problem with my Axe-Fx and EDP.  Realtime SysEx data sent from the 
Axe-Fx (set to MIDI channel 1) is causing audible glitches on my EDP (set to MIDI channel 3).  
I’ve recorded the SysEx data into a sequencer and it is showing MIDI channel 0 - which 
seems strange...but maybe SysEx data doesn’t confirm to the channels 1-16?  Anyway, am I 
missing a parameter on the EDP to filter out SysEx messages or is there another solution?