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Re: What's new in loopers?

I've no experience here, but this bothers me too (still waiting for the hardware super-looper to show :) )...

MIDI sync seems quite tricky. There are many things to consider:
- clock support (beat-sync) as master and/or slave
- transport control (MIDI start/stop)
- MIDI clock pass-through
- quality/type of the algorithm (vari-speed, time-stretching, others?)

This may be obvious for ableton but not for hardware loopers (see also http://www.looproom.com/looperchart.php)

Be aware there are delays/loopers that MIDI sync only the delay part (TC Electronic Flashback X4, Strymon Timeline),
others sync only the length of initial loop (TC Helicon VoiceLive family).

Other hardware loopers with MIDI sync (not already mentioned in the discussion):
- Boss RC-505
- Electro-Harmonix 45000
- Octatrack (not strictly looper but check spec.)

I've also wandered how the JamSync on Digitech's loopers work - is some kind of analog sync possible? (I guess unfortunately no).


On 07.07.2014 15:14, Marcus Kirby wrote:
I sold my EDPs two years ago, and started using ableton. Needless to say, I stopped keeping up with the list and general product availability.

Are there any new pieces that can midi sync? What's the current status with the Boomerang II?