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Re: drone loop

On Jul 23, 2014, at 9:19 AM, Ted Killian wrote:

> Nice!

Thanks Ted. I appreciate you for lending your experienced ear.
I meant to thank you for a comment you made on the Puddletown track that 
got moved over to Bandcamp but spaced it. I'm not very good at the social 
media aspect of these sites. 
I have no idea how anyone can keep up with things like Twitter.

> Was it performed on that lunch-box kalimba?

Yes, it is a Speed Racer lunchbox.
Often I put a hardwood plank inside as a soundboard but for the Speed 
Racer it is just a thin hardwood bar and the piezo floats on a tiny 
platform so most of the lunchbox surface is free to vibrate.
It is so sensitive that using a Big Muff or fuzzbox, you can play the 
instrument just by blowing across the tines.