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FS: MAM SQ16, Kawai XD-5

For sale, two excellent condition units. Located in Phila PA.

Full info and pictures: http://helpwantedproductions.com/Salez/FS.htm.

I think prices are VERY fair but if you're local or buy both and make it
dead simple (no Paypal) I'll listen to serious offers.

1. MAM SQ16 - $250.00

This unit offers 16 tracks of 16 step X0X style sequencing with 13 of
those being useful for individual drum sounds (ie: bass drum, Snare, etc)
and the last three being great for bass or lead lines allowing for
individual note values per step.


- 16 individual sections, assignable Midi channel,LED per step, mute etc
- ACCENT PER Track with multiple accent features and options.
- LIVE editing/programming. Change part while others are rolling along.
- 64 patterns, 8 full songs, easy to back up/load via midi to add more.
- Midi In/Out/Thru and  DIN SYNC !!
- Loop, note length, Legato Sliide, full track mute and mix, etc.

More info from this in-depth SOS Review:

2. Kawai XD-5 Percussion Synth - $150

A true SYNTHESIZER of percussion sounds but also dead easy to use and get
great sounds from. You can plug and play or customize and save your own
kits in a snap.

Some features:

- Resonant Lowpass Filter
- VCA, Envelopes etc for ultra flexibility
- 256 waveforms-classic BOB, industrial, Worldbeat, raw synths, etc
- Ring modulator - up to 4 waveforms per voice!
- Midi In/Out/Thru
- 6 Outputs!!!

Demo video of the exact unit for sale here:

MORE Info:

Free manual here: http://www.kawaius-tsd.com/OM/MODULE~1/XD-5.PDF


Over 25 years of references online and off. Located in Phila PA US so
local cash deals are king. happy to pack for free and ship if buyer pays
shipping. Units are tested (see video and pics) but sold AS IS. Will
happily skype or do more for serious buyers.

IMPORTANT: I *HATE* PAYPAL. US buyers if we haven't traded recently please
be prepared to use USPS MO. I may consider PP personal with AS IS
reference from international buyers. I will NOT accept standard PP so if
this is an issue I apologize but you'd be better off finding units in this
good a shape somewhere else. Thanks for understanding!

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