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SoCal LoopFest tonight!!!

Hey Everybody,

Y2K was awesome again.  A very special year of wonderful music and 

If you just can't get enough... tune it tonight!  7pm PST (USA)
diPiazza's in Long Beach, FREE.


Line-up for Oct 28th

Noah Peterson - San Antonio, TX    7pm
Josh Elliott - Tomah, WI               7:30pm
ecnegrU - Nanes, France        8pm
FreshFX - Columbus, OH     8:30pm
Steve Moyes - Gillingham, Medway, England   9PM
Robert Matheson - St. George, UT   9:30pm
Steuart  Liebig - Los Angeles, CA     10pm   Cancelled
Cabezas de Cera - Mexico City, Mexico  10:30pm
Shores of Latency - Providence, RI & Paris, France   11pm
Just Alliance - Las Vegas, NV   11:30pm    may be Mike Why instead

 Line-up for Oct 29th

Rejyna - Los Angeles, CA   7pm
Son Fish - Turlock, CA   7:30pm
Joseph Soul - Irvine, CA   8pm
Zack Walters - Long Beach, CA   8:30pm
Alissa Vox Raw - Toronto, Ontario, Canada   9PM
Entertainment for the Braindead - Berlin, Germany    9:30pm
Aldo Caldo - Austin, TX   10pm
Cian - Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico  10:30pm
The Electric Noodle - San Francisco, CA   11pm
riz orkestra - Los Angeles, CA    11:30pm

Peterson Entertainment, Llc
999 East Basse Road #180-117
San Antonio, TX 78209