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fadolin/looper set "Closing Displacement" - and looper venue circuit?

Dear LD friends,
Sharing with you an hour-long looper set I recorded this past weekend with my fadolín (an acoustic 6-string violin with a low F and C) and a setup primarily built around a Boomerang:
and also to ask you -- since I'm new to this -- is there a performing circuit for this music, in the US and outside?  I've played solo looper shows at various venues in New York and also while on tour with other projects -- but I'd love to see if I can build a tour, even a small one, to continue exploring this work ----
for anyone interested, there's a playlist of my solo looper outings here:
grateful for any advice, and hope you'll enjoy the music,
Lev 'Ljova' Zhurbin
Web: http://www.Ljova.com
Watch: http://www.Ljova.com/watch
Listen: http://Ljova.bandcamp.com
Follow: http://twitter.com/ljovadotcom