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Re: Loading Wavs -> into -> the Digitech Jamman stereo?

From Digitech site http://digitech.com/products/JamMan/JamMan.htm

JamMan FAQs

Is there a minimum length a loop has to be?
Yes. The JamMan Looper requires a loop be at least 3.5 seconds long. If a loop is shorter than 3.5 seconds, there will be gaps in playback.
What must be done when importing loops from a computer to the JamMan Looper?
When downloading .wav files into the Jamman, there is short protocol to follow:
1) .wav files need to be 16 bit, 44.1K sampling rate
2).wav files must be MONO, not stereo files.
3) Create a folder in the JAMMAN drive that shows up when you plug in the USB connection, by right clicking, select NEW>FOLDER, and name the folder LOOP01, LOOP02, etc.
4)Before dragging the .wav file into the created folder, rename the wav file LOOP.wav
Where do I find the serial # and model?
The date code on the box is the serial number, such as DEC05. The model designation is JML.
How do I import loops from another source?
The audio format needs to be uncompressed .wav 44.1 kHz 16 bit mono; the file needs be named LOOP01, LOOP02, LOOP03, ECT. The wav needs to be named LOOP. Record a loop on the JamMan, connect the JamMan to the computer, and double click on the JamMan folder, then double click on the LOOP01 folder or the folder of the loop # you created. At this point you will see the loop WAV file and the XML file right click on the loop wav file click properties, click the summary tab. You need to make sure that the wav file you are trying to place on the JamMan matches these Loop properties.
The XML file is not needed in the loop01 loop02 loop03 ECT folder if you are placing loops created from another source onto the JamMan. The XML file is associated with the rhythm for loops created on the JamMan and is not necessary for loops created from another source.
On Oct 10, 2016, at 7:27 AM, legion@helpwantedproductions.com wrote:

So I bit the bullet and picked up a Jamman stereo locally off CL. Breaks my heart to abandon my DL4 but the ongoing DOA issues with that pedal made the decision a lot easier. But I digress...)

My question is how do I load a WAV file FROM my PC -> to the Jammman. 

I have downloaded the PC software and  hooked it up via USB and SD card. I can load wavs into the "library" of the software but don't see a way to place the file into the JamMan (either internal memory or SD card). I don't know the syntax or file structure for the folders on the card and my attempts to simply copy wavs to the SD card and then play them haven't worked. 

Is this possible? While it's clear how to "back up" files already on the jamman there seems to be no info on copying FROM external TO the unit.  My goal is to use the Jamman as both a looper but also load samples and snippets that I can play on the fly in my live cabaret shows. 

I suppose I could play the sample into the Jamman and make a loop of it but that seems a bit silly given there is a PC interface AND external memory option.  Any help loading a file in without having to make a new loop via audio in to the JMS greatly appreciated.