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Texas LoopFest Video Index

Greetings Loopers!

The Loopfest season is over and it was a great year.  Here?s the video
index for the 2016 Texas LoopFest.  (www.texasloopfest.com).

We moved the event inside to a smaller venue and live-streamed it.  I hope
some of you got to watch it.  The videos are all posted on youtube and
I?ve been promoting them on facebook.  As always, if you want to skip it
and get right to it ? here?s the whole mess:

Texas LoopFest Collection

This years artists were mostly from Texas and we were lucky to have some
out-of-staters as well as Cian from Mexico.   It?s really tough to pick
out exceptional performers from this year as everyone did a great job. 
James Sidlo was sublime with his ambient guitar work.  Butch Ross was
great performing songs with his mountain dulcimer, the duo Momentary
Gamelan Ensemble was fascinating as always, Lost Son is a personal
favorite of mine ? I always enjoy his shows, Derferlow was a unexpected
treat as he whipped out video game controllers half-way through his set
and starting slicing loops like a crazed butcher, Breaking Light was
musically delightful, Daves Device never ceases to impress me with how
hard he works on his sets and considerable improvement from show to show, 
The Winkler had some pleasant audio surprises this year, Spookstina
brought performance art to a whole new level, Cian is clearly taking
things to a whole new level,  Troll Foot Frass brought funky fun down from
up North, Arte Sacre Atelier brought the noise, and Xandra Wong was
spectacular.    I hope you can watch something from all of them.    It was
a very special night.

We gave away some great pieces of gear from our sponsors, we had a great
time, and we did had a few technical trip-ups losing most of Cian?s set,
although I did manage to save about 9 minutes of it.

Here?s the index if you want to click and watch.  There?s some great stuff
in there.

James Sidlo ? San Antonio, TX.  Guitar

Butch Ross ? Tennessee. Guitar, Mountain Dulcimer, Vocals, Banjo

Momentary Gamelan Ensemble ? Fort Worth,  Texas.  Homemade instruments,

Lost Son ? Austin, TX. Guitar

Deferlow ? Austin, TX.  Guitar, Ableton, MAX/MSP, video game controllers

Breaking Light ? Burleson, TX.  Guitar

Daves Device ? San Antonio, TX. IPADs

The Winkler ? Houston, TX. Guitar

Spookstina ? Raleigh, North Carolina. Guitar, toys.

Cian ? Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.  Bass, Vocals.

Troll Foot Frass ? North Branch, Minnesota.  Guitar, live painting

Arte Sacra Atelier ? San Antonio, TX.  Keys, laptop, bass, guitar, vocals

Xandra Wong ? New Orleans, LA.  Keys, resonator banjo, vocals

Huge thanks to our 2016 sponsors!  TC-Helicon, Loopinglive, Morley Pedals,

I hope to see y?all out and about some time.


Peterson Entertainment, Llc
999 East Basse Road #180-117
San Antonio, TX 78209