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Re: Echoplex Pain !

On Fri, Jan 27, 2017 at 8:09 PM, ALexandru Gavril
<alex_strat69@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I have SWITCHQUANT set to CYC ( also in the manual i dunno what CYC and 
> CnF means )

Hi Alexandru,

I'm pretty sure "CYC" means "cycle" and I'm totally sure that "CnF"
means "confirm". SWITCHQHANT set to Cycle is also my preferred
setting. In case I make a very, very long loop it allows me to go to
another loop without having to wait for the long loop to fully play
out. Isn't the LOOP4 a fantastic operating system for a looper
machine! To me it is close to how a musician's brain works when
improvising structured music, which can't be said as truly for the
other loopers on the market :-)

A tip, to fully appreciate the manual, is to make sure start out with
an understanding of the Modes concept. When the looper is in different
modes some commands work differently. For example, you are in Record
Mode between pressing Record and pressing Record a second time. You
are leaving Record mode the second time you press Record, and
immediately find yourself in Playback Mode. But you can also end
Record Mode with the Overdub switch, or with Multiply, or with Reverse
(very cool). Or, oh this is super cool, you can press Reverse before
even starting and then the Record switch's second press will both take
you out of Record Mode and out of Reverse Mode; resulting in the first
loop you created being played back in reverse. It would be helpful
with a table listing all commands and how they work differently under
different Modes, but unfortunately, there is no such table in the
manual. So you need to memorize all that to get fluent in you live

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen