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RE: Question for Bill Walker

Hi Kevin, with the Looperlative , the function that is similar to the the 
thing I did with the Looperlative LP-1 in Mobius is the function called 
sustain substitute, its different from sustain replace only in that you 
don’t hear the new replaced content until the loop comes around again 
whereas sustain replace will cause gaps in the loop content as you replace 
one section with another as you are performing the function. Like the LP-1 
you have to configure in advance what you sub cycle is ( the division of 
the loop in to smaller chunks). I have a variety of sub cycle presets with 
various values. 6, 7, 8, 9,10,11,12,16, 20,22,24, and 32 for creating 
different time signature sub cycles.
PS Dennis, Bob Amstadt still has a few chassis left for the LP-1 and has 
considered building some more now that he has sourced a way of building 
them that is more cost effective. I still own mine and wouldn’t part with 
it for the world though Im really digging Mobius, and the extra power the 
compute affords.