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Electrix Repeater Powersupply

Hello everybody,

Having been longtime unsubscribed (I thinks since 2010), I now came back to the list, as I am using loopers more and more.

I saw in the archives, that recently someone looked for a suitable powersupply. I think the following supply should work fine
I am using it in a lot of devices, and I am very satisfied. It is completely sealed and the connections are made by screw terminals.

About the connection to the repeater: I am using a DIN-Connector with a threaded locking case. You can see pictures here:

and -> search for "the new power connector"

Unfortunately I do not have a order number for this connector at mouser or a similar US shop.

The layout for the connector on the pcb is like described in the following text, I took from a mail from Peter Toms from Condor in Seattle.


The best thing to do about the power supply input jack is to remove it completely and hardwire the power supply directly to the PCB. I've been doing this as a mod lately and it works very well. The pinout is as follows:

Facing the unit from the front, remove the mini-DIN power input connector. This leaves 8 holes in the circuit card, two rows of four. The row nearest the back edge, from left to right, is Ground, Ground, +5, +5. The second row is Ground, -12, +12, +5. The two remaining holes on either side where the metal housing was soldered can be used to solder the ground wires for the noise mod.


I hope this helps.

Best regards