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FS: Ibanez Vintage AD190 Analog delay unit, BBD Chips - $75

For sale is a Vintage Ibanez AD190 Analog delay rack mount unit. You probably know about Ibanez analog delays. This one is a tabletop/Rack unit capable of amazing tones and sounds including feedback laden analog Choruses, Flange, Delay, and all out SpaceNoise (tm)

I'm selling this cheap because I have three different Ibanez rack analogs and this one needs a new power cord and PS parts. I'm hoping some cool listmember can bring it back to life and enjoy. 

Sold AS IS. 

Asking $75 plus shipping from (or Pick up!!!) in Phila Pa USA. will pack super well for free and can get pics or info for any serious buyer. 

- All Original chips including rare BBD chips are in there 
- Super clean inside 
- Original knobs, case etc 

Fully working these sell for hundreds more all the time. If you have a tech or like to DIY this could be your super find at a great price. 

Demo Video from the Web: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=114&v=QZgSF-BxgbE 

I'm in US and I really HATE Paypal so prefer USPS MO but will consider paypal personal or something from folks I have worked with in the past.

Thanks for looking!