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Re: Mirrorball by Elbow - 16 stereo tracks of Mobius live-looping

THanks for sharing your work! Enjoyed the video and your tasteful
arrangement of that piece.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

On Wed, Jan 1, 2020 at 5:46 PM Simeon Harris
<simeonharris40@googlemail.com> wrote:
> amazing stuff, dude!
> On 1 Jan 2020, at 16:37, The Wandering Madman 
> <thewanderingmadman@gmail.com> wrote:
> tldr: If time is short then just be sure to watch the video, happy new 
> year! All audio / video recorded live, no post production of any kind. 
> 16 stereo looping tracks via Mobius & 6 webcams auto-switching enabled 
> by VDMX.
> Live Looping - Mirrorball by Elbow / The Wandering Madman
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1_I1Rhhojo
> So I would imagine this day 1/1/2020 represents something special to 
> everyone, but in my mind I always looked forward to what the musical 
> landscape would be like and hoped live-looping would reside at the 
> forefront. I enjoy the honesty & accomplishment & technical wizardry 
> necessary to make this type of music possible and for those of you who 
> don’t know me, I’ve spent about 12 years (8 of which living in a box 
> truck) trying to build this ridiculous ultimate live-looping rig that 
> could implement a larger computer and seemingly endless musical 
> possibilities & plugins. My rig has now grown to a 10core i9 self-built 
> hackintosh running Mojave & utilizing 16 stereo looping tracks of Mobius 
> as well as MainStage for my DAW / tone management.
> What you see in this video is accomplished using some customized 
> techniques / scripts that allow me to use the same MIDI foot button over 
> & over & over again, all while executing an entirely new set of commands 
> each time I push the button. There are typically 30-40 button presses 
> per song and the timing is somewhat precise but becomes second nature 
> after a few hundred attempts. This technique eliminates all the fancy 
> footwork & also allows me to accomplish 10 or 20 different actions all 
> at once with a single button press. These actions include engaging track 
> records, overdubs, volume, mutes, pan, reverse, loop switching, tone 
> changing, syncing external hardware patches, etc…. I can even make 
> individual LED lights change color & brightness on my piano to help me 
> remember what octave I need to play the particular synth part in. MIDI 
> IS AWESOME!! I can set these triggers to happen immediately upon 
> pressing the button or on the next downbeat, as all my songs are 
> typically the same tempo start to finish and I play along to a metronome 
> in my headphones, so there is a useful grid of sorts. The collection of 
> all these commands exists as a simple, single text document which Mobius 
> reads & runs throughout the song and for example this song Mirrorball 
> has 35 button presses, contains 1773 lines of code and utilizes 22,451 
> characters in the script.
> There are no pre-recorded tracks whatsoever, I always start with an 
> empty canvas and I’m anxious to release another video showing everyone 
> the Mobius UI, which will explain how all this stuff happens in real 
> time. All of my live-looping music seems more like a live-orchestration, 
> so for me there is not much improv but that doesn’t mean this 
> methodology couldn’t help other people/musicians accomplish different 
> things with it. In my looping style it certainly feels like a Formula1 
> or dirt-rally race car driver who is aiming for a perfect run on the 
> course, building the songs turn by turn, layer by layer;  and many times 
> I crash into the wall!!! It gets quite tricky and I have a few visual 
> systems that help me stay on course if I need to remember what 
> particular action comes next in the song.
> I really wanted to share this inside-info to loopers-delight before any 
> other platform as I truly enjoyed this email list back when I first fell 
> into the rabbit hole of live-looping. I appreciate all the info you guys 
> provided and I hope everyone is doing well. Please enjoy the new year 
> and I will be releasing a few more videos over the next month. Any 
> assistance you can lend in getting this music heard is much appreciated. 
> Special thanks to Mobius & MainStage developers for really making this 
> all possible.
> —The Wandering Madman