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return to an old chestnut question

hi loopers

i’m pretty sure this has been asked many times before, so excuse my questioning, and there are already answers i’d appreciate beign pointed in the right direction….

anyhow, i’ve been using Mobius for about 5 years for guitar looping, as it allowed me to work in the same way for recording and live. i use it in LIVE 9 on Mac running Mojave. all was fine until a year or so ago when i replaced my old MacBook and had problems with latency / freezing of the UI.
The looper works fine either standalone or as plain with LIVE, but the interface doesn’t update / freezes so i can’t see visually where i am. I’m controlling it with a FCB-1010 via Focusrite Saffire Pro 26

i’ve made the assumption that i will have to find an alternative to Mobius (i use J-bridge to make it work in Mojave).

this is where the problems start…. i’ve looked at the looper in LIVE, but can’t figure out how to have up to 8 stereo loopers i can switch between with the MIDI controller.

I’ve also looked at SooperLooper but haven’t got too far with figuring out how to run multiple instances with each outputting to a separate track in LIVE for recording

With Mobius as a plugin, i run this on Channel 1, then output each loop into a separate stereo channel as 2-9. Each track 2-9 then records the loop output on that track, or the live guitar on the selected Mobius channel (so if i select loop 3, it records the track 4 in LIVE - Track 1 is purely for input.

can anyone help with how i could do this using LIVE or Logic with MIDI foot control using an alternate looper, or have a solution to the UI latency/freeze issue with Mobius?

i’d be very grateful for any assistance

many thanks in advance

Jon / yellow6