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Re: Music Descriptions

>In any case, I am still faced with a problem when I try to get gigs. I
>usually play at bookstores/art shows/galleries..and while booking the
>gig, I'm faced with "What kind of music do you play" by the booking
>agent for the venue.
>Now, this "What music do you play" is different than a friend/ fan/
>newspaper asking the same thing. If you say 'new age', theres no chance
>you'll get hired (I've tried it).
>If you say 'jazz' they expect a night of standards. No one knows what
>'ambient' is. And I certainly can't tell them what I think it is..that
>would take at least 10 minutes!
>Funny, after I play there, the next time I return (with my guitar synths
>and e-bows),
>I'm listed in the Newspaper under 'folk'.
>Again, what do these people hear?

I give them a tape.  And, I could care less what they call me on a return 
engagement.  If people are showing up and appreciating what I'm doing, 
they can call it whatever they want.

P.S. I always describe it (it even goes on the fliers) as Ambient 
Improvised Instrumentals, but the booking agents I run into at least 
pretend they know what Ambient means.