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Re: Music Descriptions

First, I must thank you all for everyones imput on my 'Music
Descriptions' thread.
There's a lot of adjectives out there!

There's been a lot of talk about what we, the artists, call our own
And we know that most retailers would put our recordings in the 'new
age' bin.
..And I love to hear what non-musicians/non-ambient musicians think of

I read a review of the current G3 tour, with Fripp opening with
This was on alt.guitar-its said something like 'This guy Fripp was up
there making all these noises, and had us screaming for 'Yanni'.

What do these people hear?

In any case, I am still faced with a problem when I try to get gigs. I
usually play at bookstores/art shows/galleries..and while booking the
gig, I'm faced with "What kind of music do you play" by the booking
agent for the venue.
Now, this "What music do you play" is different than a friend/ fan/
newspaper asking the same thing. If you say 'new age', theres no chance
you'll get hired (I've tried it).
If you say 'jazz' they expect a night of standards. No one knows what
'ambient' is. And I certainly can't tell them what I think it is..that
would take at least 10 minutes!

Funny, after I play there, the next time I return (with my guitar synths
and e-bows),
I'm listed in the Newspaper under 'folk'.

Again, what do these people hear?
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you'll probably get there.' - Robert Fripp