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Re: Music Descriptions

Arif said:
>Unfortunately, retailers put music into the New Age bin when they don't
>know where else to put it!

If all of us tell them how to call "our" bin, they will create it and fill 

James brought in:
>i have always thought that Robert Fripp's  "Soundscapes" was a very
>appropriate name for music of this type...

Appropriate, but not international enough, I think, too dificult word.

>my 1st looping project was a collection of pieces,,i entitled " Music to
>make you leave the room by",,,that way no one could complain if they 
>the term "New Age" makes me physically i'll... but i've never hit anyone 
>using this term to describe some of the music i do,,,havent even purged my
>dinner on their shoes...

Hahahaaaa, you are great, James!

Here in Northeast Brasil, I have a hard time, because the only music people
know that (to them) seams similar to mine is Kitaro and Vangelis and :-(
No Ambient, no New Age, just "instrumental", together with Gismonti,
Hermeto, Vila-Lobos and mandolin music.
Recently it got better, since Enya got known,,, but I did not purge any
dinners either.

Recently, on a public bus trip where they played a tape with those tenor
voices in thirds singing about suffering from love and heartattachments, I
came up with a tape of mine and they put it in. But at the the first
somewhat fatter, harmonically still simple loop, the discussion started and
a guy said that he is tortured by such music. I asked where it hurts and he
pointed at his forehead.
Why did he not suffer with the suffering singers?

Then there was no music in the bus any more. What a pity.

Matt :
>"Ambient Guitar Noise" is my phrase of choice....

Isnt Noise something rather negative?

>...I end up using words and
>phrases like "atmospheric", "soundtrack music", "space music"

Me too. "space" I rather avoid, because people are very mystical and want a
confirmation that I really am from another planet. How do I know?
I also use "clima", I do not know whether it makes sense in english?

>"...It must be as ignorable as it is listenable..."
>"...It seeks to enhance its environment, as opposed to Musak, which
>blankets it..."

Brilliant! I did not know these statements :-(

>Ambient Music is at times best defined by what it is NOT.  It is not like
>an ignored child, prodding you to pay attention to their newest 'trick',
>jumping up and down and yelling "listen to THIS!".  It is therefore not
>something that distracts you from your current tasks-at-hand, whether
>pleasurable or otherwise.

Also brilliant

Is this inherent to looping, or is it just a acidental connection ???