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Re: looping devices / Akai Remix16

At 7:41 AM -0700 6/28/97, Marc Roche wrote:
>Live with mindfullness of all living things

ok, I'll try.

>  BTY what do you think about the Akai
>Remix?  Is it a good product?  Better than the Oberheim?   I'm using the
>Jamman now and I want to upgrade. Thanks, Ciao, Salaam.

I'd like to hear more about the Akai Remix16 from someone who's actually
got one. The demo at NAMM was pretty interesting. I know one person on the
list actually owns one. Gabriel? Care to give us a review?

It seems to me that the akai remix16 is significantly different from the
Oberheim echoplex. They both loop, but trying to decide which is better
would be very dependant on what you are trying to do. The echoplex is
probably more like the jamman than the remix16, so it might seem a little
more familiar to you in that regard. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable
about the akai can tell us more.


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