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Re: FS: Boomerang $399

At 05:29 PM 7/1/97 -0700, you wrote:
>what do these things list for? are they currently available?

cant offer much help, but a few days ago a fellow local looper  brought 
his and we went into a 30 minute trance (till the phone rang) i use a 
and an Echoplex . he used a Boomerang with 4 meg (about 4.4 minutes i 
he said he bought it new with the 4 meg upgrade for $630.00 after
shipping...but i dont know what a 1 meg sells for street price...i was
impressed with the unit..couldnt tell a BIG difference between all three
units,,,i suppose of the three the Echoplex is still my choice...however i
have no intentions of selling my Jamman. in my opinion the Boomerang
exhibited fine workmanship and is a quality piece of equipment...the
switching was nice,once i took off my shoes. my triggering ability is
greatly enhanced in sock feet with all three units...

overall i liked it
i would guess that $399.00 is almost as much as a new 1 meg machine would
cost,,but i am not sure.

james rhodes