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Re: Music Descriptions

>> In any case, I am still faced with a problem when I try to get gigs. I
>> usually play at bookstores/art shows/galleries..and while booking the
>> gig, I'm faced with "What kind of music do you play" by the booking
>> agent for the venue.
>Actually, if you look them in the eye, and say "Ambient", then when they
>ask, say something short and simple as with "You know about 'Techno' or
>electronic?"  [pause]  "It's like that, but softer.  You can eat to it."
>Restaurateurs, I suspect, would mostly hear the last sentence, n'est-ce
>pas?  And it's true, too.
>I wonder if there's an ambient version of Louie Louie in our future? 
>[shudder]  What if the club owner who demands it turns out to be the kind
>of shmoe who thinks Jean Michel Jarre are three French guys? [g]  But I

I've had mostly good results trying to be background ambience while 
people eat, but there are some people who react quite violently to what 
they regard as "droney noise", and this is in reaction to some really 
unobstrusive sound carpets.  Some people are driven nuts by "waiting for 
the real music to start", and can't listen to ambient stuff without 
drums, fixed chord changes, etc.

Travis Hartnett