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Re: Music Descriptions

> From: Matthias Grob <matthias@bahianet.com.br>

> Matt :
> >"Ambient Guitar Noise" is my phrase of choice....
> Isnt Noise something rather negative?

Interestingly, I've never thought of noise (in this context) as being
entirely negative.  Then again, ever since I discovered my dad's old
reel-to-reel and began experimenting with loops (many, many years ago) I've
been captivated by noise (aka sound).  I think the term "Ambient Guitar
Noise" is extremely descriptive of what I do.  Not only does it point out
the instrument of origin, but it illustrates the dichotomy of textures that
one could experience while listening to my performance/tape......"ambient"
being on the quiet/peaceful end of the spectrum and "noise" being on the
more aggressive/chaotic end of the spectrum.  And it never fails to cause
people to stop and think...if only for a second.