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I am new to this list so this is my first post. I am a (midi)guitarist who
is a big fan of Fripp/King Crimson. I am not a looping artist (yet), but I
plan to buy some loopingequipment when I have the money. I find the Loopers
Delight page very good but I think there is one thing missing to it: "An
Introduction To Looping". That would be a page where the basics of looping
are described and where common questions from from people who donęt know so
much about looping are answered. As a potential buyer of such an expensive
device there are lots of things you want to know. If anyone would make such
a page I am willing to help out since I am new to this and have lots of
questions (that I guess have been answered over and over again on this 

Mattias Ribbing