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Re: Misc/intro page

At 2:57 PM +0200 7/2/97, Mattias Ribbing wrote:
> I find the Loopers
>Delight page very good but I think there is one thing missing to it: "An
>Introduction To Looping". That would be a page where the basics of looping
>are described and where common questions from from people who donęt know 
>much about looping are answered. As a potential buyer of such an expensive
>device there are lots of things you want to know. If anyone would make 
>a page I am willing to help out since I am new to this and have lots of
>questions (that I guess have been answered over and over again on this 

That's a good idea. We definitely need something like that. Anyone want to
contribute to it? I think your way of helping would be great, actually.
Since you are a beginner, you know the questions. Those of us that have
been doing this for a while might know some of the answers, and probably
don't know the critical questions so much anymore. (although we might be
fools to think we don't need to ask them again.)

Go ahead and ask the questions you have, and with some answers from
different people we can make the Intro page.



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