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Some questions for an intro page


Here are a couple of questions. I can send more as I come up with any. 
newbies: Please write some of your own. Some of these might sound stupid 
someone who has been doing this for a long time, but I think that these are
the kinds of questions that people will ask that have just become 
in looping. If these questions are to be put on a web page, please correct
any spelling or grammatical mistakes, since Im not a native english 

How many looping tracks can you add to one loop?

Is "ambient music" the only music that looping artists play?

Can a looping device be used as an ordinary digital delay and reverb?

When you finnish a looped piece of music, are there any other ways to end 
than just stopping it?

Whats the main difference between the looping devices on the market other
than the memory?

How much in general do you have to pay for a good looping device that you
wont outgrow too quickly?

Do looping devices work together with midi?