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Re: Music Descriptions

In a message dated 7/1/97 11:15:17 PM, you wrote:

<<Recently, on a public bus trip where they played a tape with those tenor
voices in thirds singing about suffering from love and heartattachments, I
came up with a tape of mine and they put it in. But at the the first
somewhat fatter, harmonically still simple loop, the discussion started and
a guy said that he is tortured by such music. I asked where it hurts and he
pointed at his forehead.
Why did he not suffer with the suffering singers?

Matthias, this is such a great story!  I'm amazed that you can pop a tape 
on a public bus at all.  I can't even imagine this in the US.    The
Suffering Singers.  That's a good name for a band.   "I suffered for my
music, now it's your turn."  ( Frank Zappa)