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Re: Music Descriptions

Dave writes:

>I help out at a local CD store, Happy Trails Records, Corvallis' only hip
>record store. I worked there for years, and now I help keeping the jazz,
>ethnic, and electronic sections stocked with cool stuff. Anyway, I was
>there the other day going through the new releases bulletin from Valley
>Music, our main distributor. Evidently, they just picked up Jon Durant's
>Alchemy Label, as I noticed most of their titles were lested as new
>releases. What was interesting was how they were categorized: Gary Willis
>was in jazz, Caryn Lin and Brian Gingrich in New Age, and Robby Aceto in
>Rock/Pop. Just thought this was interesting...

Interesting, and fairly logical, given what we all do. I assume that the
Krantz/Stern CD was also listed in Jazz, and my CD was in New Age? 

BTW, did anyone catch the review of my new CD in Guitar Magazine (in the 
Ray cover issue, July I think)? The reviewer, Jon Chappell, had an 
hook: "Progressively Textural." OK, sounds about right.

Jon Durant