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Re: Some questions for an intro page

Ok, here goes for a start...

> How many looping tracks can you add to one loop?

This is depending upon the available technology at the time.  Presently on
the method I use - a Digitech 7.6-second 'Time Machine', I can produce up
to 16 layers/stacks before they start 'popping off the stack', and out of
earshot.  Theoretically I can put 16 loops of equal length down before I
hit the 'ceiling'.
> Is "ambient music" the only music that looping artists play?

No.  Although my milieu at this time is primarily ambient, I also play with
people like Oil Junkys, who do electronic work of a nearly 'musique
concrete' nature.  They use Echoplexes for looping, and it's a different
animal altogether (which leads back to the first question!).  My primary
influences go back to Eno, Fripp, and others doing loop experiments years
ago, which naturally slid me into the Ambient arena.  We could all go on
about this one, and we have too!

This question is best answered by all of us on this list, to state the
'kind' of music we play.

> Can a looping device be used as an ordinary digital delay and reverb?

If the device IS a delay or reverb, or a multi-effects unit, sure!  If it's
an EchoPlex or other tape-based device, I'm sure this works also, though
differently.  The main problem with combining functionality in this regard
is that these units are not multi-processing, multi-user in design.  I
suspect the main idea is to make us all buy a separate effects box for each
foot of cable we use, huh?

> When you finnish a looped piece of music, are there any other ways to end
> than just stopping it?

With a 'garden variety' loop like mine, or one using tape, you can either
just leave the loop open, and let each layer pop off the top of the 'stack'
of loops, making sure that the Feedback is not quite set to infinite.  This
produces a naturally-deconstructing loop, which eventually just stops
outputting anything.

> What«s the main difference between the looping devices on the market
> than the memory?

Method, I believe.  The JamMan / etc. users should pipe up on this one.

> How much in general do you have to pay for a good looping device that you
> wont outgrow too quickly?

I've been banging on my Digitech 7.6 for 5 years now, and I bought it used
in '92 for $125.

> Do looping devices work together with midi?

Ones made later than mine do.  This is especially useful (if not necessary)
with MIDI, since some analog-controlled loops (like mine, no meter-setting,
using knobs) can only provide an approximation of loop length via our
brains.  I therefore find the Digitech 7.6 somewhat useless in this regard,
since I can't EXACTLY determine or set length to something else, except by

I'd be glad to compile all our responses together if Kim's too swamped with
it, by the way.

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