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Re: Music Descriptions NOISE NOISE NOISE

In a message dated 7/2/97 11:14:11 PM, you wrote:

>> Isnt Noise something rather negative?
>Interestingly, I've never thought of noise (in this context) as being
>entirely negative.  Then again, ever since I discovered my dad's old
>reel-to-reel and began experimenting with loops (many, many years ago) 
>been captivated by noise (aka sound).  

hi all!
a good book for anyone into the history of "noise" is a volume called
(suprisingly enough) "Noise" by Jacques Attali....a VERY interesting and
somewhat academic study on noise, and what the concept of noise entails in
many ways. i'm sure any of you loopers would be into this book....so head 
the library now!
bobby d/lvx nova