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new music - From The Caves Of The Iron Mountain

I had a wonderful surprise when I arrived home from work today.  The cd
and video from Tony Levin's recording made in the Widow Jane Mine.  I
received a flyer last week from Papa Bear, ordered by phone and got it
today.  In my humble opinion very nice, along the lines of Passion
(Peter Gabriel), and World Diary, Tony's other cd.  Although not
technically looping material for you loopers, it has a distinct Eastern
flavor, which I love, and a certain loopiness in the repetitive percussion
and bass/stick lines.  For you Tappists, the video has some nice closeups
of Tony's technique on the Stick.  I'm not affiliated with Papa Bear or
Tony Levin in any way - just wanted to share.

Tap/Loop On!
Stew Benedict
Teak Chapman Stick #926