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Stuff for looping intro

Hi all,

This issue may fit in with the looping intro thread.

I use a loop device that does not have midi sync or tap tempo for setting
delay time.  I only have knobs.

When I first started looping, I often had problems with getting the
delay(record) time to match up with the tempo (beats/minute) and
meter(number of beats/measure) of my musical ideas.  I would often spend
alot of time tweaking knobs and changing my idea until the machine and my
idea agreed.  Then of course I would come up with another and go through
the process again. :-(

I am sure there is a process or formulae for solving this problem, but I
havent come up with a satisfactory solution yet (I am still compromising my
musical ideas to fit the machine).

To clarify, here is an example:

How much delay time would it take to create a 2 bar groove in 7/4 at 100

Just the facts 'mam:

14 beats at 100 beats/minute
100 beats/minute = 1.7 beats/second
14 * 1.7 = 23.8 seconds

Unfortunately I've got 8 seconds max with my machine.

I would rather not get out the pen, paper and calculator just to get a
simple groove going.

How do you folks deal with this problem?


Hayden Porter