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Re: Stuff for looping intro

>Hi all,
>This issue may fit in with the looping intro thread.
>I use a loop device that does not have midi sync or tap tempo for setting
>delay time.  I only have knobs.

the hard way, as you've noticed!

>How much delay time would it take to create a 2 bar groove in 7/4 at 100
>Just the facts 'mam:
>14 beats at 100 beats/minute
>100 beats/minute = 1.7 beats/second
>14 * 1.7 = 23.8 seconds
>Unfortunately I've got 8 seconds max with my machine.
>I would rather not get out the pen, paper and calculator just to get a
>simple groove going.
>How do you folks deal with this problem?

music is my way of avoiding things like arithmetic, so I definitely
wouldn't use your approach!

A few things I might do, somewhat echoplex centric:

- midi sync to a sequencer with a 7/4 pattern, which would be very accurate
- tap tempo for the whole two bar length, very helpful to have something
else going as a reference.
- tap 1 bar and multiply it to get 2 or more
- tap 1 bar, insert 1 or more after it
- tap 1 beat, multiply it by 14
- "record-insert" for one beat, it then automatically inserts beats
afterwards, stop at 14. More accurate, assuming you tap the first beat

definitely an instance where I'd prefer buttons over knobs....


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