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Re: FS: Boomerang $399

>Dan Howarth wrote:
>> On Wed, 2 Jul 1997, james rhodes wrote:
>> > and an Echoplex . he used a Boomerang with 4 meg (about 4.4 minutes i
>> > he said he bought it new with the 4 meg upgrade for $630.00 after
>> > shipping...but i dont know what a 1 meg sells for street price...i was
>> isn't this a LOT of memory for only four megs? if you expand the 
>> i thought you could only get around 100 seconds... could someone clarify
>> the different expansions, simm-type and amount, et al.
>> sounds to me like the boomerang is the deal.
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> but what is the sample frequencies or the boomerang?
>echoplex = cd quality , maximum 198 seconds.
>i thought i saw that the `rang had lower sampling rates w/ longer loop

Yes, that's the difference. The echoplex sample rate is much higher than
the boomerang's, so it uses more memory for the same amount of loop time.
Sample rate translates directly to audio bandwidth. The echoplex sample
rate is 41.4khz (slightly less than cd, actually). The boomerang is about
15khz, I believe. The echoplex audio bandwidth goes up to about 19 khz,
while the boomerang is around 6-7khz, I think. Whether that matters to you
depends on the type of signals you put through it and how picky you are.
FWIW, the jamman sample rate is about 32khz, probably resulting in a
14-15Khz audio bandwidth. Healthy ears work up to about 20khz.

I'm not sure what kind of memory the boomerang uses, the echoplex uses 30
pin simms. 198 seconds on the plex takes 4 4Mb simms. Those are about
$17-$25 these days. So the full expansion will be less than $100.


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