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Re: FS: Boomerang $399

Kim Flint wrote:
> Yes, that's the difference. The echoplex sample rate is much higher than
> the boomerang's, so it uses more memory for the same amount of loop time.
> Sample rate translates directly to audio bandwidth. The echoplex sample
> rate is 41.4khz (slightly less than cd, actually). The boomerang is about
> 15khz, I believe. The echoplex audio bandwidth goes up to about 19 khz,
> while the boomerang is around 6-7khz, I think.

  The Boomerang Phrase Sampler has two sample rates: 16K and 8K. On the
higher rate, the audio bandwidth is almost 8K.
  By the way the slower rate is for slowing down recorded material you
want to learn OR creating bass parts OR making a  r e a l l y   l o n g