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Re: looping=ambient?????

JFOG10@aol.com wrote:
> Hi......new list member here....enjoying the discussion. Recently 
>someone( I
> deleted the post before I got the name) brought up the excellent point 
> many of us seem to assume that looping=ambient/space/new
> age/instrumental/...what the heck let's throw jazz in there , too!!!!  

  I agree with your comment that looping = ambient in the minds of many,
but I also have other influences that are stronger and more important to
me. My current short instrumental set consists of four original tunes:
1) pop/rock, 2) classical feeling piece with finger picking, 3) shuffle
with a jazzy feel, and finally 4) a very heavy thing with saturated
tones that dissolves into noise before fading out.
  Another slice of non-ambient looping is the band I play with, the
Rotten Rubber Band. We play all original swampy, river blues; very
groove oriented. There's a trash percussionist, 6 string bassist who
sings & plays harmonica, and guitar. That's the core, but usually
someone else is present: another guitarist, a psycho trombone player who
frequents this group, random percussion and juggling personel.
  None of the above music could be described as ambient or jazz, it's
way to structured; though there is plenty of room to express yourself
and have fun. I'd be interested in hearing from other non-ambient loop