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Re: FS: Boomerang $399

Rick Canton wrote:
>  but what is the sample frequencies or the boomerang?
> echoplex = cd quality , maximum 198 seconds.
> i thought i saw that the `rang had lower sampling rates w/ longer loop
> times....??

  Yes, the sample rate is lower on the Boomerang Phrase Sampler. The
'Rang samples at either 16K or 8K; certainly less than CD quality but
more than enough for electric guitar which barely produces 6-7K through
a good quality tube amp. The Rang also sounds great with bass; Victor
Wooten uses one. And I find mine acceptable with my GR50 guitar synth,
though I will not tell you that it's pristine CD quality. We have sold
over 700 Rangs so far and have had about 5 complaints about sound. I
guess it depends on your application as to whether you'll find it to
your liking. The 6 string bass player in my band uses a Rang on 60% of
our tunes, and he loves it.

Motley a.k.a. Mike Nelson, co-owner Boomerang Musical Products