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Jamman loop border q's


I've got two jamman questions:

a) I've almost always get audible 'blurts' at the beginning of my
loops.  This effect is not just a mismatch at the loop-point, but an
actual volume-increase for the first 1/4 sec or so of the loop.  It
makes creating pads on the unit pretty difficult.  I've found that I
can work around this to loop a sustained chord, but it's awkward:

  o first tap the loop length, with no input signal
  o then use the phrased-loop mode to record exactly one cycle of signal
Apparently, whatever causes the blurt puts it there only while
recording the original loop, but not while overdubbing.  Has anyone
else experienced this?

b) Another loop-boundary problem I've had is this

  o set up a loop in phrased-loop mode
  o use replace to replace the entire loop with silence

When I do this, the entire loop's not replaced, but there's a short
snippet (100 ms?) of it left in at the boundary.  If I replace the
entire loop again, the snippet gets shorter, but it takes several
replacements before the original loop's really out of there.  Anyone

By way of introduction, I play cello, originally from a classical
background, right now going through an atmospherics & wierd noises
phase.  During college, I'd often get together with guitarists or other
cellists, turn the lights out, and enter into hour-long free-form
improvisations.  This is what I'm itching to do more of -- anyone else
on the list in Boulder / Denver area?